inkrypt videos



DRM Encrypted Streaming

Protect your video content with the best DRM-encrypted video streaming technology. Get the highest data protection from data theft, downloaders or bots with Inkrypt DRM.

Watermarking to Prevent Screening

Get your content protected with the dynamic watermark. Downloaders will be caught while attempting video recording. Video data will appear with a non-removable watermark to assist with digital forensics.

Amazon CDN + Global Delivery Network

Get the best video at zero loading time around the Globe. Inkrypt team’s Global CDN will let your customers enjoy the videos with no buffering or annoying loading delay.

Embed Smart HTML5 Player

Get simple and easy video integration at Inkrypt. Embedding your videos is as easy as copying an embed URL from youtube. We are providing the best protection against video piracy.

WordPress Plugin

Get the best enjoyment while video hosting in WordPress with zero code required. The inkrypt team helps you integrate the video content without any coding knowledge with only a few clicks to have all the security features you desire.

APIs & Mobile SDKs for Developers

No need to write complex code for integrating videos on third-party platforms. Our custom APIs and SDKs made integrating and automating video data easy. Your developers will love it when they know they can integrate Inkrypt APIs in less than 30 minutes.


Detailed analytics reports to track audience behaviour on your video content. Get real-time analysis to improve videos and boost traffic and engagement. Our aim is to help you be on top of your traffic analytics.

Devices compatibility

Inkrypt DRM streaming is available for the most common browsers including Chrome, Firefox on the most used operating systems including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows. We also take high care for old devices. No more nonsense errors for old devices. Everyone will be able to watch your content with zero compromise of security features.

24/7 Customer Support

No longer wait for hours, days and a week. Get a prompt response from the Inkrypt customer support team. Reach out to us on Live Chat, email, or Whatsapp.