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Enjoy Safe & Encrypted Video Content

You create engaging media; We’ll secure it for you.

Enjoy Safe & Encrypted Video Content

Secure Video Hosting

Prevent the piracy of your video content with our secure and encrypted video hosting server.

Prevent Video Download

Eliminate the risks of video downloading and screen recording with reliable digital rights management and security features.

Analytics & Insights

Get detailed analytics reports and statistics for users, traffic, views, cities, countries and devices.

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Why Inkrypt Videos ?

Real Security

Is your video content getting pirated everywhere despite taking security measures? Get real non-fragile security solutions by Inkrypt for your needs.

Maximum Performance

Are you tired of getting slow video Download complaints? Our global partners in the CDN network allow your customers all over the world to enjoy watching videos without waiting times.

Maximum Supportability

Are you tired because of constant customer complaints about old devices? Inkrypt Videos supports all devices even old ones to ensure ease of use.

Easy Integration

Are you having trouble integrating to your websites? Get technical assistance and detailed documentation for easy video integration in less than 30 minutes.

Real Insights & Reports

Get detailed analytics reports and insights to stay on top of traffic and competition. Inkrypt helps you beat your competitors and expand the business.

24/7 Support

Inkrypt values its customers and is always available to help them with their inquiries and doubts. Get round-the-clock chat and email support all days of the week without waiting for hours.

More Security = More Control

Boost Your Business Revenue With Robust Security

The security services of Inkrypt boost your business profits by protecting video content from being shared, copied, or downloaded illegally. Powerful and capable security features for business development and business scaling.

Encrypted Videos To Prevent Illegal Downloads

Get an impenetrable dynamic watermark on your videos to prevent content theft. Highly secure processes and techniques for enforcing security and safety content.​
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Premium Service For Premium Content

Best For Coaches, Businesses & Media Institutes​

Are you a coach in an educational institute or media company? Inkrypt is the best video hosting platform to keep your content safe and secure from defaulters or hackers. Upload videos and share them without any worry.
Threat protection

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DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. It is a way of protecting copyrighted media material. It helps you to control and manages access to digital media.

Although DRM offers security to a great extent, users will still be able to record video using another camera. You must use a dynamic watermark to prevent this action. Dynamic watermark will discover and store the information of users who tries to record from other cameras.

Inkrypt platform support almost all devices, such as Android, iOS, iPad, Macbook, and more.

Yes, our platform supports many CMS available in the market. Our WordPress plugin enables you to host videos in WordPress with zero code required.

Inkrypt supports almost all mobile browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,  and Safari. Specific SDKs are used to get this functionality.

Yes, a dynamic watermark is highly strict and is a non-negotiable thing for all devices and browsers, including mobile devices (iphone, android).

Yes, Inkrypt does not want customers to regret spending money, and thus, it offers a 30 days free trial with limited features and a 5 GB bandwidth limit.

Bandwidth is the amount of traffic your audience/users will consume watching your video. if your video size is 100 MB, that means each user watching the full video will consume 100MB bandiwdth. A user that watches 15% of your video means that they will consume 15MB of your bandwidth. Of course this is more complicated and detailed since each video has different qualities/versions, but that’s a basic example.

Inkrypt gives the validity of one year on the bandwidth. You can purchase it or upgrade your plan anytime if you need more bandwidth.

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