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How to Choose the Best Video Delivery Platforms with CDN & Encryption

Video Delivery Platform

With digitalization, new and innovative technologies come every other day. The video delivery platform is one of the most important new technologies. Getting a streaming service up and running involves a wide range of technical details. Over time, platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch have become more popular. It is a long process, from choosing a video hosting service to making your app and website.

But if the user experience is bad, even the best-designed streaming platform won’t be able to keep viewers and make money. You must be very careful when choosing the platform for sending videos.

Always keep in mind that the platform and the content of a video are two different things. Even if you make a high-quality video, it won’t become popular if you post it on a low-quality platform unless AI-powered recommender systems tell people about it. For those recommender system models to work right, there needs to be a good way to label data so that the model can learn well and give the desired results.

One of the functions of a video delivery platform is to encode and transcode videos, as well as to manage and deliver material and offer statistics for the content being delivered. The demand for online video content has resulted in the developing of a market for video distribution platforms. Using a video distribution platform simplifies publishing videos online and expands their reach. They simplify adding video content to blogs and other online destinations.

What Is The Benefit Of Using A Video Delivery Platform?

Utilizing a video delivery platform has several advantages, but most of them are situation-specific. One of the key advantages is the ability to enhance the caliber and consistency of your video output. Additionally, it can make managing and distributing your movies simpler and enhance the viewing experience for viewers. A video delivery platform can also assist with optimizing your videos for playing on various platforms and devices.

You should prioritize obtaining the following two advantages:

  1. A safe and reliable platform for sending a video that won’t compromise the quality of your transmissions. You may rest assured that your movie will make it to its intended audience without any problems and without being corrupted in transit.

Protecting your audience’s identity and personal information is a top priority, and a secure video delivery platform like Inkrypt can help you achieve both goals. If your videos are transmitted safely, your viewers’ personal data won’t be at risk. As an added bonus, you can safeguard your business’s reputation by preventing unauthorized duplication and distribution of your movies.

  1. A Video-Specific Distributed Content-Delivery System Around the World. A content delivery network (CDN) can enhance both the video’s quality and its speed of delivery. Videos can be delivered to the user from a server that is geographically nearby via a content delivery network, which increases the quality of the video experience.

Further, a global CDN can help accelerate video playback, so your audience can watch your movies as soon as possible. It’s crucial to select a Video Delivery Platform with maximum uptime, such as Inkrypt with AWS CDN.

What Features To Consider In A Video Delivery Platform?

  • Analytics Tools : The service provider ought to supply you with a variety of analytics tools so that you can determine how well your videos are doing.
  • Analytics insights : Provide analytics information so that you may evaluate the impact that your video has had.
  • Views Analytics : The service ought to provide information on the date and time of the watching, the number of views received, and the mode of delivery.
  • Security : Secure video hosting to keep your video content safe from piracy.
  • Adaptability : Offer a variety of formats for the content, including live, on-demand, and linear delivery.
  • Streaming : Capability to host and stream videos on demand in addition to live broadcasts; ability to tailor video delivery for each viewer.
  • Profit : Advertisements are played before and after the film is played, organized by the video distribution service.
  • Integration : Capability to embed videos on websites and other platforms used for social media.
  • Supportability : You should ensure that all of your audience’s devices, including mobile phones, are supported.
  • Admin Tools : A method for viewing your videos before making them accessible to the general audience.
  • Users Feedback : You should be able to pay attention to what your viewers have to say if you use this platform. It ought to provide you with the ability to receive comments regarding your videos and respond to them.
  • Capability : A player with configurable options
  • User Experience : Deliver video content in HD quality
  • Localization & Subtitles : A method for making your films available in a number of different languages
  • Compatibility & integration : Compatibility with the website that you have now.

Advantages Of Using A Video CDN

CDNs have become a must-have for websites in a variety of industries. In 2022, global internet traffic from CDNs is expected to reach 252 EB per month.

From news websites to online stores, a CDN is required to deliver content to a global audience faster. For streaming platforms, a video CDN is just as important.

Here are the top five reasons to invest in a video CDN:

  1. Reliability

A video CDN forwards user requests to the closest edge servers. It lessens the load on the origin server and keeps it from becoming overburdened with requests. It also eliminates the hassle of running out of network bandwidth.

Similarly, caching a file across multiple servers ensures smooth failover. This combination of factors safeguards your streaming platform against slowdowns and crashes.

  1. Flexibility

Your streaming platform is always ready to handle more traffic when you use a video CDN. It lessens the load on the origin server, preventing system crashes caused by unexpected traffic surges. It’s especially useful for trouble-free live streaming.

  1. Excellence

One of the primary advantages of using a CDN for video delivery is that it reduces the round trip time (RTT) to and from the origin server. Delivering the requested content from a server close to the end user reduces latency and buffering time. As a result, the viewing experience is improved.

  1. Safety

Modern video CDNs have advanced security features such as DDoS and malware protection. It adds an added layer of security to the streaming workflow and aids in the protection of your content assets.

How Inkrypt Is The Best Video Hosting Platform?

Inkrypt is a platform that offers content creators a platform where they can host their videos. A team of experienced content creators and capable engineers work together to protect the content creation business against intellectual property theft. This protects the internet’s status as a place where original works by artists and other premium content creators can be securely distributed without worrying about their work being pirated. Use of both Google and Apple’s high-quality DRM systems, which have been leveraged by Hollywood’s top agencies. Even better bullet-proof safety, we offer a dynamic watermarking that cannot be removed. 


Here are the features of Inkrypt that make it stand out among the competition:

  • Per-demand secured video storage hosting
  • Real security through Secure DRM-Encrypted Streaming Video to prevent unauthorized downloading or video-sharing outside of your authorized app or website.
  • Security configuration for IP addresses and limiting Geographical location access.
  • Dynamic Watermarking to avoid screen capture-based video piracy.
  • Personalized watermarking for motion, color, size, and opacity.
  • Maximum Performance through configured global CDN network.
  • Support for the common browsers, devices and even old out-dated devices
  • Different video qualities and Adaptive bitrate to support users with the slowest internet signals.
  • Analytics for traffic, video views.
  • Integrate in your website in less than 30 minutes.
  • Integrate APIs and SDKs easily to automate your workflow.
  • Subtitles in Multiple Languages.
  • 24/7 client support through chat, emails and call center.
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