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How Many People Use Easy Video Download Tools for Piracy?

Learn how many people use video download piracy tools

Piracy of proprietary video content is becoming increasingly popular due to the availability of freely available video download tools. These tools come in the form of software, plugins, sites, and extensions and can be found easily across the web. They are used to bypass non-secure video streaming sites and make it easy to download videos. The statistics presented in this blog demonstrate the prevalence of these tools and their potential to cause harm.

Number of users of video download piracy tools

To compile the relevant numbers for the video download tools, I have sourced information from various locations. For sites, I have utilized the estimated annual unique visits from Alexa. Additionally, I have provided details for the top 10 video downloader tools, and I have also calculated the total number of video pirates at the end. All of these sources are linked to in the text for further examination.

Video Download Tool NameNo. of downloads/Annual Unique VisitsSource
Video Download Helper4,100,000Sites
Internet Download Manager3,500,000Alexa
Video Downloader Professional3,200,000Site
Video Downloader Pro370,000Site
All mytube wondershare25,000,000Site
ANT video downloader2,000,000Alexa
Clip Grab1,500,000Alexa
Total Users from 10 tools-110 Million confirmed Pirates 
World Total user estimate (Assuming top 10 downloaders contributing to 20% of the total downloading piracy, total there are over 100s of options)500 Million estimated Pirates.
That is Every 4th Computer user in world uses video download tools. 
(Total 2 billion desktop users estimated by Reference)

Obvious Need & Source for Secure Video Streaming

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