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How Inkrypt Security Beats The Competition In Video Encryption Craftship?


Encryption is one of the most common & effective methods for protecting premium videos. Entrepreneurs implement different techniques to secure their video content from piracy. Although encryption is a productive method, it, too, has many challenges.

Securing videos with encryption is easy, but making them accessible to selected and authorized users is challenging. Encrypted videos can be decrypted and played only with the help of specially designed keys.

If any app or person outside your organization gets access to these keys, they can download and use these videos. Learn how Inkrypt secures your videos and beats the market’s most commonly used security techniques. Hosting your videos on our platform will assist you in truly securing your premium videos from piracy.

DRM Encryption For Password Protection

Inkrypt protects your videos with a powerful password protection algorithm. With DRM encryption, Inkrypt ensures that no user will be allowed to share or download the video outside the app/website even when having full authorization to watch them after logging in.

Secure Decryption With AES-128 Encryption

As content keys are easily accessible in basic AES-128 encryption, Inkrypt uses high-security methods to keep video keys protected. All content keys are hidden and will be accessible to authorized video players only.

IP Access & Geo Restriction Accessible

Inkrypt utilizes IP control and Geo restriction algorithms to ensure that only allowed IP ranges and IP addresses can access videos. Set the selected geographical zones where you want people to access your videos. 

Domain Whitelisting For Complete Security

If you create premium video content, such as training videos for your employees, it is important to ensure that only your employees have access to these videos. Domain whitelisting is the key to your needs. 

More Security than RTMP Encryption

Inkrypt helps in protecting premium videos with the help of RTMPS encryption. It is highly useful and more secure as it transports commands rather than transporting files. Find out about the services we offer here

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